Come sailing in Cornwall on a keelboat!

Get on the water with a keelboat, a small sailing yacht in our beautiful south coast waters.

A keelboat available on demand!  These are a series of 2 day courses.

If anyone in your party has any kind of disability or special need then please read here for details on how we can accommodate you.  We have adapted boats and a wheelchair friendly powerboat and you can also contact us for more information or to chat anything through.

LEVEL 1: Start Sailing Keelboat
Getting Afloat. This is a great introduction to sailing a small yacht.  This course covers the minimum knowledge required to get sailing on a keelboat under supervision.  The Level 1, 2 day course gives you the basic understanding of how to manoeuvre a keelboat and other useful techniques with some background knowledge.
LEVEL 2: Basic Skills Keelboat
Moving on from Level 1. By the end of these 2 days the sailor will have a better understanding of safety onboard the keelboat.  You will be able to sail the boat without an instructor on board in light winds.  The Level 2 also includes more emphasis on sailing more efficiently with tips on how to get the best sail settings, rigging the boat for the wind and weather conditions, and the basic rules of the road when coming in close contact with other water-users.  Assessment on any of the 2 day courses is on a continual basis.
LEVEL 3: Better Sailing Keelboat
This is an intermediate course and it bridges the gap between Levels 1 and 2 and then the 5 further advanced levels as below.  Completing this course will develop your sailing techniques on a keelboat further and also give you a a taster of what the advanced levels have to offer.
This course teaches the keelboat sailor to think independently and how to handle a boat in many different wind conditions and circumstances.  The emphasis is to solve any problems afloat.  Seamanship Skills will teach you to sail in a seamanlike manner and make the correct seamanship decisions in moderate conditions.  This is a very popular choice to move onto once at the Level 3 standard.
How to go faster downwind!  The beautiful brightly coloured sail that can be hoisted once travelling downwind on the keelboat. This course is exciting and will teach you everything you need to know about sailing modern three-sail boats.
Want to know the basics of how to race your keelboat? You will learn the best techniques to get a good start off the line with the other boats close by to you.  How to get around a racing course and give you the confidence, the best skills and knowledge to take part in club racing in good conditions.  Everybody has to start somewhere!  (We also have our Beginner Race Club on a Saturday afternoon so that you can try out your new skills.  Click here for more information.

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The beautiful and award winning Mylor Yacht Harbour lies just around the headland from Falmouth.  Parking is easy, and there are lots of other facilities here to.  Mylor Boat Hire, the great Cafe Mylor, Castaways Wine Bar to name a few.

We are open 7 days a week and all year round.

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