RYA VHF Course – Marine Radio Short Range Certificate – 1 Day Course

Come and take your 1 day RYA VHF course here in Mylor, (nr Falmouth), Cornwall

Next RYA VHF 2017 /18 course dates –

Saturday 20th January 2018 – 1 place

Monday 19th February 2018 – spaces

Sunday 18th March 2018 – spaces

Monday 16th April 2018 – spaces

Sunday 13th May 2018 – spaces

Monday 18th June 2018 – spaces

Saturday 14th July 2018 – spaces

Sunday 19th August 2018 – spaces

For dates after this, please get in touch by contacting us

The day normally runs from 9am – 5.30pm (possibly a little longer due to the assessment process at the end of the course)

Course cost £95 + £60 RYA assessor fee

Our well equipped classroom in Mylor, based near Falmouth is ideal for learning with wonderful views of the estuary.  Parking is easy and we have free passes for your convenience.

Contact us to for any further information or BOOK NOW online and find the desired date and course.

RYA VHF Marine Radio courses are always small groups of 4 per class to maintain the quality of tuition with our very experienced trainer here at Mylor Sailing School.

A VHF Marine radio whether handheld or fixed enables communication with coast stations, port/harbour authorities and with other vessels.

This form of communication is an important piece of safety equipment and it is vital to understand the correct procedures.

The Short Range Certificate (SRC) is the minimum qualification required by law to control the operation of VHF and VHF Digital Selective Calling (DSC)  equipment on any British flagged vessel voluntarily fitted with a radio. This includes both fixed and hand held equipment using International channels.

This is a 1 day course with 2-3 hours of pre-reading prior to the course date.  Towards the end of the day you will also sit an examination with an external moderator.

Course topics include:
• The basics of radio operation

• The correct frequencies (channels) to be used

• Distress, emergency and medical assistance procedures

• Making ship to shore telephone calls

• Digital Selective Calling (DSC) using simulators

• Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS)

• Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons (EPIRB)

• Search and Rescue (SART)


All new VHF sets are either fitted, or can be interfaced, with DSC allowing calls to specific vessels. If you hold the ‘old’ VHF license (pre-1999) you need to upgrade your qualification if you purchase new equipment. To upgrade a Restricted VHF license to a GMDSS Short Range Certificate you can contact us to discuss the update training required and to organise a SRC examination.

Pre-requisites for the course –

Minimum age 16 years

2 – 3 hours pre-course reading – this will be sent to you on enrollment of the course.

Frequently Asked Questions –

Q – If we are a family all using the radio on-board our boat do we all need a license?

A – The main registered operator needs a license but needs to be on-board if others who do not have a license are using the radio.

Q – Will the license expire?

A – No it will not expire but there may be some updates from time to time.  You can check the Offcom website for up to date information.

Q – Is the examination difficult?

A – It is not too difficult, just following the correct set of procedures that you will be taught throughout the day and you will received a book with all the correct procedures in to keep from the course.

There is more information on the VHF SRC Marine Radio course from the RYA website if required.

BOOK HERE online and choose your desired date from the calendar