Accessible Sessions

Your visit on the Wheelyboat

You are coming for a trip on a boat named Odyssey.  We may also call this the Wheelyboat. The Wheelyboat is a special boat that is accessible to everyone. This is a fantastic boat for anyone with either a physical disability, including wheelchair users and people with mobility problems or a learning difficulty.  A variety of other sessions available for compatibility purposes.

When you arrive

When you arrive, you will be met at the main Mylor Sailing School hut here by one of our team below.


You will then meet your instructor for your session.  It may be any one of these instructors.  Sometimes it might be an instructor that is not pictured here.  They all have special qualifications for these activities.

Saftey items

We will get you to put on a life jacket or a buoyancy aid.  Depending on the weather we may also give you some overalls to put on over your clothing to keep you warm and dry. We will help you put on the lifejacket or buoyancy aid. These are to keep us safe when we are on the boat.


Taking care at the Slipway

We will then either go down a slope or down some steps to the wooden pontoon. The slope and the steps can be steep, so we have to be careful.


Getting on the boat

To get on the boat, we have a ramp that goes from the slipway to the boat.  The front of the boat lowers down sometimes so that people with mobility problems can get on more easily.

When we are on the boat we will help you to find a seat. There are plenty of seats and space for wheelchair users.

Safety Brief

When everybody is on board, the instructor will speak to everybody about keeping safe. As well as where you will be going. It is very important that we all listen carefully.

Before we leave the harbour, we will start the engine, it is quite quiet. We will then untie the ropes from the pontoon and we will start our journey.

What you might see

During our trip you will see and hear lots of new sights and sounds. Here are some pictures of things you might see. Please ask any questions that you like about what you might see or hear.


Going Fast

Sometimes, we may go faster. When we go faster the engines make more noise and sometimes there might be some water that splashes up from the sea and get you a bit wet.

Driving the boat

Sometimes it might be possible to drive the boat. The instructor will help you to the Skipper’s chair and help you to drive the boat.  Wheelchairs can simply wheel up to the steering wheel as the Skipper’s chair is moveable.

Getting off the boat

At the end of our trip we will come back to the pontoon. It is important to stay sat down until the boat is tied up and the engines are turned off.

We must keep our lifejacket or buoyancy aids on until we are back at the sailing school hut.

Saying our goodbye's

We will then lead you back up the slope or the stairs to the hut and your instructor will help you remove your lifejacket or buoyancy aid.

Then we will say goodbye and hope to see you again soon.