Frequently Asked Questions

See below for FAQs.  Frequently Asked Questions are on each page for specific courses and training.  Please don’t hesitate to ask us any further questions if you don’t see it below.


How can I find out the dates of courses or when they run?

We normally do most of the courses on demand. We can schedule you in no problem! Most courses done very regularly and you can either book for a 1:1 or join a group if preferred. Please get in touch for availability and to book.

I have never done it before is this ok?

This is a very frequently asked question! Yes of course, this is what we are here for! Around 60% of our customers are absolute beginners. If you have any apprehensions at all then please contact us and we will endeavour to put your mind at rest.

I have a disability/learning difficulty/health condition can I learn to sail or powerboat?

Yes yes yes!! Of course you can. Depending on the nature of your need we have a variety of boats, well trained staff and lots of great equipment to make this all possible. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any specific questions. Please read our Accessible Guide which is a link at the top of every page for full information. Also available in a Word format so that you can print if required. All staff have specialist training to be able to aid all of our customers.

Can I just pay a deposit to secure my booking?

At the checkout you have the option to either pay in full or click on 'Klana' which is a free payment instalment platform where you can spread the payments.

What do I need to bring?

We provide all the clothing and equipment you will need. If you are going in a smaller boat then you will get wet. Here at Mylor Sailing School we have plenty of wetsuits for all ages and sizes. If you are going in a dryer boat then we will provide waterproof jackets and trousers to go over your clothing. The only thing we do not provide is footwear so you will need to bring something that you don’t mind getting wet, like wetsuit shoes, trainers or for powerboating either trainers or wellies. If you are wearing a wetsuit you will also need to bring your bathing suit for underneath this and a towel. This will all be explained in your booking confirmation once you have confirmed your booking.

Do I have to capsize?

Here at Mylor Sailing School we will never make anybody do anything that they would not like to do. For the more elementary stages of sailing you need to understand what to do in the event of a capsize and this will be talked through/demonstrated when you are booking onto the RYA courses. Normally once you have had a practical experience of a capsize in a controlled environment then any fears are normally alleviated.

I am an adult, will I be put in a group with children?

Unless you are all from the same family and you have requested this, then we always keep children and adults in separate groups. The RYA schemes are different for adults and children.

How many people in a group?

For Powerboat Courses the maximum in a group would be 3 people plus the instructor. 1:1 tuition is available for powerboating or sailing sessions. For Sailing, depending on the level of experience of the sailor will determine how many we are able to have in a group due to the Royal Yachting Associations strict regulations. We are generally allowed to have 6 people to 1 instructor for the first few levels of the RYA courses. Here at Mylor Sailing School, once we get a beginner group of more than 4 we prefer to also put an assistant instructor with the instructor so that we do not dilute the tuition too much. Depending on the experience of the sailors it may vary between 6:1 or 9:1. This is not the case for our fun sessions though. 1:1 tuition is available for powerboating or sailing sessions.

If it rains will it still be on?

Yes, we still go sailing in the rain. Most of the time you are going to get wet anyway! We provide all wetsuits for the smaller wet boats and waterproofs for the larger, drier boats to keep you as comfortable as possible. We also provide all the safety equipment.

Is sailing and powerboating environmentall friendly/sustainable?

All RYA recognised centres are members of The Green Blue incentive. We endeavour to pass on and educate all of our candidates with this mindset. The Green Blue is a UK wide programme created by British Marine and the Royal Yachting Association in 2005 to enable the UK recreational boating sector to decrease its impact on the environment by: RYA Green Blue sustainability scheme Raising awareness amongst industry and users Reducing harmful discharges Reducing environmental disturbance Encouraging sustainable choices We also have a Marine Environment page on this website and a Sustainability and Environmental Policy. Links to these pages can be found at the footer of any of our website pages. Mylor Sailing School is also a member of Surfers Against Sewage’s (SAS) 250 business club which is part of a network driving forward a movement for change to protect the UK’s unique coastal environment.

What is the difference between a Sailing Club and a Sailing School?

A Sailing Club will have a membership and will generally be run by its members. Most of the time members will need to own their own boats and will keep them at the Club and then organised events and racing will take place on a regular basis. A Sailing School is not a members club and is for learning to sail and to improve sailing skills and techniques. You book onto a course or a session and the boat and all clothing and equipment is provided. Mylor Sailing School has many sailing and powerboating courses and also some regular sessions that you can join.

I cannot swim is this ok?

Yes this is absolutely fine. You will always be wearing either a buoyancy aid or a life jacket that will keep you floating if you do enter the water. We normally ask this question on the booking form but it is just for our instructors information.

I want to buy my own wetsuit, can you recommend where I can do this nearby?

West Country Watersports is a shop based in Mylor Yacht Harbour next door to the Cafe Mylor. If you mention that you are one of our customers then you should get a small discount. They always have plenty of stock and can help and advise on the suitability of a wetsuit depending on the general use of the suit. They also sell online.

Can I buy anything to eat nearby?

Yes there is the great Cafe Mylor which sells really good food and is open all day, 7 days per week or there is a great bar and restaurant called Castaways. Wonderful views for a coffee, beer or a bite to eat. Both are located within the harbour and a 2 minute walk away. In peak times you will need to book a table at Castaways.

Do I have to wear a buoyancy aid/life jacket?

Yes, due to the usual regulations, everybody that is going afloat will need to wear either a buoyancy aid or a life jacket for safety reasons.

I have done a lot of yacht sailing, is it that different from dinghy sailing?

The principles are generally the same, however, we always need to go through a land session first as the tacking and gybing manoeuvres differ, mainly due to the boats being much smaller and more responsive. Sailing in a dinghy generally really improves your wind awareness and sail settings.

Where can I park?

Mylor Sailing School is situated in a car park on Admiralty Quay. This is a Pay and Display car park but we have FREE passes so you just need to come and get one as soon as you arrive. At peak times, parking maybe a little tricky, if you are having trouble finding a space then just come and see us and we can block in some of the staff cars. No official Blue Badge spaces on this quay but you can drive right up to the centre and we will direct you to a saved parking space right by us. If you have any further questions regarding accessible parking then please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Can I get to you by public transport?

A bus will bring you within about a 10 minute walk. Taxis can also bring you from neighbouring towns. If you are driving then parking is really easy right outside our premises. If you would like further information regarding our location and directions then please check out our Visiting Us page on the main menu.