Ladies sailing on a small keelboat at mylor sailing school near falmouth

Ladies Only RYA Seamanship Skills

Ladies only sailing course.  Seamanship Skills shows how to handle a boat in all circumstances and solve problems afloat. This will teach you to sail in a seamanship like manner and make the right decisions in moderate conditions.

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This is a 4 week ladies only course of a half day per week.  Sign up to this RYA Ladies Seamanship Skils course which is set at a time to suit most ladies!

This course is mainly spent on the water sailing in our beautiful Fal Estuary, Falmouth, which is nice and sheltered for dinghy sailing. There are also some theoretical aspects of the course that will be taught in the classroom ashore.

Course content includes, ropework, windward and leeward shores, sailing techniques and manouevres of reefing, towing, sailing backwards, coping with adverse conditions, further sailing terminology, understanding more indepth meteorology, tidal elements.

2024 Dates – please get in touch.  Levels 1&2 run 3 times per year for the Ladies only sailing.  We need at least 3 people to run a Seamanships Skills course.  Please get in touch to enquire.


Group SizePrice
Group£185 per person


Had a great course with superb equipment, location and above all instruction.

Frequently asked questions

When are these courses run?

This course is 10am - 1pm on either a Friday or a Sunday morning. There are 3 lots of 4 week courses run throughout the year, April/May, June/July and Sept/Oct. All in the school term time. Pre-booking is essential.

What is Ladies Who Launch?

This is a ladies only sailing course. It is set at a cheaper rate to get local ladies on the water and keep them there.

I gained my Level 2/3 a few years ago, do I have to start again or can I go straight to the advanced modules??

If you have had quite a long time since you have been on the water then depending on how long this period is, we will either have to start again or blow out a few cobwebs to refresh your skills. It is probably best to call to discuss so that we can advise you the best course to sign up to. You may be able to just book a half day 1:1 session and we can get you up to scratch.

What happens if it is really windy?

During the 4 week course, we allow for 1 of these sessions to cover essential other aspects of the syllabus ashore. If we then encounter another week with adverse conditions, we will cancel this and tag another session on the end of the 4 week block. We will always let you know if the session is not going ahead.

If it rains will it still be on?

Yes, we still go sailing in the rain. Most of the time you are going to get wet anyway! We provide all wetsuits for the smaller wet boats and waterproofs for the larger, drier boats to keep you as comfortable as possible. We also provide all the safety equipment.

What do I need to bring?

We provide all the clothing and equipment you will need. If you are going in a smaller boat then you will get wet. Here at Mylor Sailing School we have plenty of wetsuits for all ages and sizes. If you are going in a dryer boat then we will provide waterproof jackets and trousers to go over your clothing. The only thing we do not provide is footwear so you will need to bring something that you don’t mind getting wet, like wetsuit shoes or trainers. If you are wearing a wetsuit you will also need to bring your bathing suit for underneath this and a towel. This will all be explained in your booking confirmation once you have confirmed your booking.

Do I have to wear a helmet?

It is the policy of Mylor Sailing School for all beginners to wear helmets. Once adults have completed their Level 2 and their skills are current we start to take the helmets off.

Do I have to capsize?

Here at Mylor Sailing School we will never make anybody do anything that they would not like to do. For the more elementary stages of sailing you need to understand what to do in the event of a capsize and this will be talked through/demonstrated when you are booking onto the RYA courses. Normally once you have had a practical experience of a capsize in a controlled environment then any fears are normally alleviated. Capsizing is a practical part of the RYA Level 2 course.

I cannot swim is this ok?

Yes this is absolutely fine. You will always be wearing either a buoyancy aid or a life jacket that will keep you floating if you do enter the water. We normally ask this question on the booking form but it is just for our instructors information.

How many people in a group?

There may be between 3 and 6 people in a group for this course.

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