VHF Radio Courses

What does it mean?  Where can it be used and how do I use one?

This type of radio is called a very high frequency radio (VHF), commonly used in the boating community. Having saved many lives over its existence, this radio is a vital lifeline for anyone at sea.

It is not affected by reflecting off waves or mountains and being able to travel over substantial distances makes it a great form of communication.person steering a large motorboat with equipment in the background

Whether it is commercial or leisure use, it is the fastest way to communicate with the coastguard to report danger, casualties, vessel emergencies and potentially damaging things floating in the sea. It is also the way that the local authorities get information to the marine community, including weather and sea conditions.

These specialist radios are easy to use when you know how, and we are on hand to guide you. We offer a RYA VHF Marine Radio Course – Short Range Certificate (SRC) 1 day course.